Media Production

Sound recordist Rich Pooler and cinematographer Sid Lubitsch finish set-up for the interview with Sia Hertsberg

Luminescence Media Group NFP (LMG-NFP) is a not-for-profit media production organization creating documentary films, educational websites, and publications.


Its first project, in 2002, was the educational web portal, The website is maintained as an archive so that its original content continues to be available. 


In development, is republishing a 54-page booklet about antisemitism, The Jew Man. Originally appearing in the aftermath of the Henry Ford antisemitism trial in 1927, today The Jew Man will provide historical insights into the trial and times.


LMG-NFP has produced a number of short films about or related the Holocaust in Latvia. Its major project is the feature-length documentary film, Rumbula’s Echo.


Above: Associate editor Augie Augenstein edits Rumbula’s Echo with director-producer Mitchell Lieber. At left: Sound recordist Rich Pooler and cinematographer Sid Lubitsch finish set-up for the interview with survivor Sia Hertsberg.

Highlighted Projects

Photo of a mass grave at the Rumbula killing site, with a large boulder atop it, from the Rumbula website

Educational Website, is an educational web portal about Jews and the Holocaust in Latvia. Launched in 2002 it was updated through…more

drawing of a booklet held by two hands and read, as seen facing the cover

The Jew Man

Second Edition

LMG-NFP is preparing this 1927 booklet about antisemitism for republication for its historical value. In the 1920s Henry Ford was sued...more

a view through the Riga Ghetto’s barbed wire fence of a man whose coat has a six pointed star and a young woman who turns to look at the photographer

Rumbula's Echo

Documentary Film

How a huge mass shooting of the Holocaust changed a family, a country, and our world today. A father's genealogy search…more (photo: Staatsarchiv Hamburg)