Beneath the Sand

The Beauty of the Seashore at Skede Belies What is Buried There

Beneath the Sand tells the story of the mass killing of women, children, and older men on the Skede dunes near Liepaja, Latvia. On this beautiful shoreline, nearly 3,000 Jews were killed over three days in December 1941. Forced from their homes in the middle of the night, they were held at the central prison, then driven to the beach and forced to strip. They were shot at the edge of a large trench dug in the sand.


At the age of fifteen, survivor Edward Anders and his brother George were awakened in the middle of the

night by Latvian police and arrested to be taken to Skede. In Beneath the Sand, Mr. Anders tells the story of the tragic murders, which he narrowly escaped. He knew several of the people seen being murdered.


The film features unsettling photographic evidence.


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Production Information


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Mitchell Lieber

Mitchell Lieber

Augie Augenstein

Sarah Klein

Liepaja, Latvia 




4 Minutes

16 x 9 HD