Rumbula’s Echo

How a huge mass shooting of the Holocaust changed a family, a country, and our world today.

In Rumbula’s Echo, a father's genealogy search for his child's namesake leads him and the film's viewers to the history of Jews in an Eastern European country and the early days of Hitler's “Final Solution.”


This is the first film focused on documenting one of the largest firing squad executions of the Holocaust, in the small forest called Rumbula outside of Riga. This meticulously organized and savage shooting of 25,000 people in two days is documented on film with rare survivor interviews and historical content.

These events are placed within the context of the Holocaust throughout one country, including firing squad executions in Liepaja (Libau), Daugavpils (Dvinsk), and small towns.


Rumbula’s Echo also includes uplifting stories of rescue, survival, and reunion.


For brief excerpts from Rumbula’s Echo, click below.




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Production Information





Director of Photography:

Camera - Latvia:

Principal Sound Recordist:

Field Sound - Latvia:

Associate Editor:

Associate Editor:

Latvia Coordinator:

Mitchell Lieber

Jason Kliot

Beth Sternheimer

Sid Lubitsch

Andris Prieditis

Richard Pooler

Arvids Celmalis

Steve Panning

Augie Augenstein

Lina Ferbere

The production team includes more than 90 who perform filming and archival work. These include associate and assistant producers, location camera operators, location sound recordists, production assistants, translators for seven languages, researchers, research and production interns, associate and assistant editors, and historical advisors.   


Locations: Filmed at 89 locations spanning 23 cities and towns in Latvia, the U.S., Germany, Poland, Sweden, and Israel.


Archival Material: Archival footage, photos, artifacts, sound, and music are drawn from archives and private collections worldwide.

TV/Streaming Duration:

​​​​​​​Theatrical Duration:



4 x one hour episodes (estimate)

150 minutes (estimate)

16 x 9 HD